Areas of expertise

I believe that a successful online marketing campaign is based around 6 key areas: research, strategy, optimisation, creation, discussion and monitoring. This is the case whether the project is SEO, PPC, Social Media or Content Marketing.

Over the last decade I have been committed to learning and gaining the necessary experience about each area. This has enabled me to offer high quality work in either a one off project capacity or an ongoing service.

Below you will find out why I think these areas are so important and the tasks that I specialise in.

1 – Research

Research is an integral part of an online marketing campaign whether it’s learning more about your market, finding out what your potential customers want, checking on competitors or reviewing your own website.

  • SEO website audits (technical + recommendations)
  • Keyword analysis (current traffic + potential traffic)
  • Competitor research (review of your market)
  • Content research (website and/or market)
  • Outreach research (list of hundreds/thousands of relevant people who will be interested in you and your content)

2 – Strategy

What does success mean to you? Once your website/market/competitors have been reviewed we discuss your targets and put a strategy together that will enable us to hit these goals. These are the areas that I have experience in.

  • SEO strategy and implementation.
  • PPC strategy and implementation.
  • Content Marketing strategy and implementation.
  • Social Media strategy and implementation.

3 – Optimisation

This can cover quite a few areas whether it’s making technical changes to a site, re-writing paid or social media adverts, tweaking page titles to get a better click through rate or editing text to feature long tail keywords or synonyms. Basically I’m as happy making changes to a site/getting stuff done as I am finding the issues.

  • Editing existing content / On-site optimisation (implementing changes via CMS)
  • Editing the website for technical recommendations (and/or discussing them with the web dev team)

4 – Creation

I am involved in the process from brainstorming and data collection to it’s creation to it’s live date. I have experience working on many different projects whether its in written form like a location landing page, guest post or blog post, static form like an infographic, image post or interactive plugins, infographics or microsites.

  • Content writing (specialise in finance, travel, business, marketing and sports)
  • Landing page creation (local, keyword targeted, informative etc)
  • Blog post research and writing (linkbait, newsjacking, resource posts, q+a content etc)
  • Content ideas (what content do your potential customers want to read?)
  • Content creation (text, image, interactive, plugins, microsites and more)
  • Microsite creation (linkbait creation)
  • Content led link building (guest posts, press releases etc)

5 – Discussion

You may have heard that “Great content doesn’t need outreach” this can sometimes be the case but great content that attracts attention can always do with being put in front of more people and potential customers. This is where my sharing skills come in…

  • Outreach contact (talking to people in their own language about your content)
  • Social media (talking to potential customers about your brand/content) 

6 – Monitoring

I believe that all content must have the same goal in mind, “How will the user convert?” Having attractive content is a great way to gain visits and shares but it’s also vitally important that it can lead to a conversion.

  • Conversion rate optimisation (how will the user convert when they visit the site?)
  • Analytic’s review/advice (tracking success) 

How I work

I work with different agencies and companies in two capacities:

1 – Ongoing work – Either with an agency or via a client. This type of project will normally revolve around an ongoing strategy and I charge on a monthly basis.

2 – One off projects – 99% of the time this is with an agency where I will work on specific tasks whether it’s keyword research, content writing or outreach. Think of this relationship like the 5th turtle or Chewbacca, I’m there to cover agencies when their internal people don’t have the time or necessary skill set.

If you have a specific project in mind and want to find out more about a specific service and how I can help you, contact me via the homepage.