Below you will find some kind words from contacts, employers and clients:

Giles Guest – Director – Enhance Media

Sean is simply an excellent digital marketer. He understands return on investment and his work delivers it. Despite its complexity, digital is precise and within business companies only spend money to generate return. Sean is one the rare people who understands that, whilst retaining a creative ability to solve problems.

I recommend his work, focus on results and technical knowledge to anyone. His ability to generate return on investment is a rare and exceptionally valuable commodity in digital marketing.

Patrick Hatherway – Senior SEO Consultant – Hitreach & Saloon of Literature

Sean is wonderfully creative, he can take the genesis of an idea, twist it on its head and turn into something magical. An extremely talented writer, Sean writes with elegance, flair and imagination, making use of a sharp wit to express ideas with subtle humour yet acute clarity.

Sean is thoroughly plugged into the online world – he knows exactly how online communities work and how to leverage them to his clients’ advantage. I have worked with Sean on numerous projects, and thoroughly enjoy both his energy and the fresh perspective he brings to the table.

Alessio Madeyski – Former Senior SEO at Zalando , now badass digital strategy

When I meet people (virtually or in real life) I tend to find some part of myself in them. Sean was one of my first contacts when I began my SEO adventure, and month after month I discover what a great marketer he is.

I like when people are crazy enough to stand up for something, to change environment often following what’s good for them, to listen to their guts and create something cool. This is Sean, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m proud to be one of his fans.

Anthony PensabeneSkyRocket & Content Muse

I’ve been reading and working with Revell for well over a year, and can honestly admit I learn something new each time.  He’s creative, meditative, and approaches from a unique angle you cannot exactly duplicate, yet Sean does well in framing his thoughts in digestible and often actionable packages. Aside from being a man of good character, I endorse any opportunity one has to work with him.

Ashley Gilmour – Search Marketing Manager – Accord Group

Sean is one of the most innovative and trust worthy search marketers on the scene and will no doubt have the ideal solution for your natural search goals.

Joel KlettkeBusiness Casual Copywriting

Sean has a refreshingly honest perspective on the online marketing world. Where most waste time patting each other on the back and celebrating platitudes, Sean goes on the hunt for answers and the truth behind the hype. He would be a fantastic partner to have in your corner on any SEO or online marketing project because he can see the picture without losing the details in the process.

Ingo BousaYucca

I only know Sean from Twitter where he managed to get on my radar by tweeting in an enthusiastic but critical way about SEO. There are a lot of SEO arse schmoozers and fan-boys’n’girls out there who contribute nothing to the SEO community than regurgitated drivel but Sean seems to know his stuff and also speaks his mind, which I highly appreciate. He also has an open mind and seems to be interested in anything beyond the basic SEO talk. In this job you need to question everything and make up your own mind and test and learn and evolve as a person as well as an SEO. I am sure that Sean is on the right track and wish him all the best!

Dustin VerbergPage One Power

Sean is one of my favourite people in the marketing world. He’s extremely clever, competent and innovative—but he’s also not afraid to go against the grain or say what’s on his mind. This industry needs less sheep and more Sean’s.

Sean is funny a funny and personable guy when it’s appropriate and a straightforward, no-nonsense guy when it’s necessary. He’s a good writer, he knows the technical side of SEO, he’s a creative marketer and, most importantly, he knows how to get results. Every experience I’ve had working alongside Sean has been enjoyable, educational and rewarding. What more can you ask for?