Hey, What Are Those Graphs About?

Hang on! Let me tell you a bit on how I work before checking the traffic graphs below… (I’m Sean by the way, you can read more about me here).

I receive frequent emails from company owners looking to increase their brand visibility online, website visitors and sales. I tell them that the process of online marketing is quite simple and revolves around 4 key areas, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media.


The SEO part of the process involves working on increasing the relevancy of their website (through optimisation & content creation) and increasing it’s popularity (link building & content creation). With a little research we can review potential keyword targets, these go into the following groups:

  1. Targeting a low number of short tail keywords – Search terms that are used in high volume by your potential customers and are highly competitive (harder to rank in traffic positions).
  2. Targeting a high number of long tail keywords – Search terms that are used in low volume by your potential customers and are less competitive (easier to rank in traffic positions).

This mixed strategy enables me to gain positive traffic increases for a large number of clients. If you want to know a little more about how I do this check out my services page. If not please feel free to review the Google Analytics graphs below that show a few of my recent SEO campaign wins.


Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is a truly great way to help build your overall brand visibility, traffic numbers, social media shares and search engine rankings. A recent infographic project that I have worked on has received 148,186 visits in less than 15 months. Imagine what you could sell or convert to that number of visitors?!

The great part of content marketing is that it can also get great brand exposure as well as retweets, likes and shares. The project mentioned above has been featured on 468 websites including Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Yahoo, Business Insider, Vodafone, Adweek, Lifehacker, Hubspot as well as 30+ top American and British Universities.

The brand behind this project was shown to 1.2 million viewers.

Again, what could this kind of brand exposure do for your business?

You can see a few more of the brands that I have placed my clients on, via my Featured On page.

PPC and Social Media:

PPC and Social Media advertising is where you get your paid ‘guaranteed’ traffic. These campaigns are highly targeted meaning that you will get very specific people to your site giving you the best possible chance to convert them to sales or sign ups. These projects require constant review and optimisation so that advertising spend is kept to it’s best possible ROI.

Low cost per clicks and low cost per applications make me a happy man 🙂

Nice Results! What Do You Do?

Research & Strategy

Researching your market, auditing your site and creating a strategy that will increase your brand visibility online.

Website Optimisation

Increasing the relevancy of your website for the keywords you want to be visible for.

Content Creation

Creating interesting, educational or enjoyable content for your website or to be used off site for link building purposes.

Outreach & Discussion

Sharing your content and brand with the world.

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